• Payments are to be made monthly at the first  lesson of each month.
  • Rate: $15-$50 per lesson (15-50 minutes in length or $1 per minute).
Note: I do not offer free trial lessons. However, if we're not a "fit", you only need pay for the introductory lesson.


  • Student families are to provide any books needed as well as a blank notebook for recording detailed practice instructions.
  • I can work with most books already on hand. For those with no books or previous musical experience I recommend Faber's "Piano Adventures" Primer Lesson Book.
  • I greatly encourage students to look online and download music of their favorite songs to learn as part of our lessons. 

Participation and Practice

  • Contests inspire elementary age students to practice. They earn points throughout the school year to spend on prizes. The first place winner also receives a trophy.
  • Recommended practice: 60 minutes per week for beginners, adding 15-30 minutes per week for each additional year of study.


  • At least two recitals will be planned each year for students to share favorite songs with family & friends.
  • At these events students can also "buy" prizes with their practice points and the 1st place winner receives a trophy.