About the Teacher

Kellye Hall starting playing piano at age 4. She began formal lessons in grade 2 and continued on through 4 years of college -totaling 14 years of tutelage under four different Master's level piano instructors. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (specializing in Piano Performance) from Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada in 2003 and has since had the privilege of teaching piano to hundreds of students at all ages and levels.

She has been a church and choir accompanist for over 25 years, performed for many events with "ECHO ensemble", and has also played for many special occasions such as weddings, funerals, banquets, music at local malls, Christmas bazaars, etc.

Kellye loves to teach piano but is primarily a wife & homemaker and a mother to 2 boys and a girl. Her favorite thing is to be out of doors; either gardening, hiking, or playing at a beach. Her hobbies include studying nutrition, traditional cooking, natural medicine & vegetable gardening.